Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kelon did not deny that Gu Chujun was under surveillance

Morning News "Today, the media, I'm sorry, what words can not say that all subject to notice," Kelon Electrical vice chairman, president and chief secretaries to directorate Liu from the dream of an interview yesterday, did not deny Gu Chujun, etc. 6 monitoring by authorities, said recently Kelon Electrical Announcement on the matter.

In the public eye for months disappeared, chairman of Kelon, Gu Chujun, yesterday finally heard by the relevant department under surveillance and restriction of personal freedom message, Shunde City, Guangdong Province has also sent two representatives presided over the daily work of Kelon .

According to informed sources, Kelon Electrical in last Saturday morning to convey the company's executives on July 29 in Beijing, the news was relevant control, in addition to Gu Chujun also includes Vice President Yan Yousong, Assistant to the President and Chief Financial Inspector Jiang Yuan, and 5 also were requested to assist in the investigation. Event one of the parties, vice president of Kelon Electrical Yan Yousong phone yesterday, has been in a shutdown state, Kelon Electrical spokesman Liu Weixiang in an interview yesterday morning when they did not Gu Chujun and other things to deny detainees, said the listed company executives if there are significant changes, the company will release a notice to disclose, then refused to answer reporter's call. Kelon said, according to insiders, is now the vice chairman, president and chief secretaries to directorate Liu from the dream and the Executive Director, Vice Chairman Li Zhenhua assist the local government over the company's daily work.

Reporter yesterday from Guangdong Greencool concerned officer that Gu Chujun and not arrest, but were under surveillance and restriction of personal freedom. The source said that Gu was monitored news Greencool (8056.HK) may be good news, the stock will be erased.

"Inverted Gu action" sponsors Yan Yiming lawyers yesterday told reporters that the area last Saturday night over Kelon executives call this Gu Chujun detained.

Gu Chujun as frequently in recent years, shot in the acquisition of listed domestic companies in the spotlight, and his acquisition of funding sources have been questioned by outsiders. Starting from April, Kelon Electrical investigation by the SFC investigation group, was withdrawn on July 20, has yet to publish its findings.

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